But I Love You: A Novel by Peter Rosch


A successful dating service maven falls for a beautiful new client, forcing the hand of her sociopathic admirer. 

On the well-intentioned dare of a friend, model and recovering addict Lisa Denton meets Alicia Lynn Wilde, Manhattan’s hottest matchmaker to the city’s elite and the mind behind an exclusive, very lucrative singles service built on a misguided ideal, lies, and Midwestern blue collar work ethic. Alicia’s brief encounter with this new stranger quickly begins to unsettle her meticulously curated world, and throws Lisa unwittingly into a series of unsavory—possibly lethal—events already set in motion when one of Elite Two Meet’s members claims to have been sexually assaulted by two high-profile clientele.

Buy My Dead Friend Sarah: A Novel

My Dead Friend Sarah: A Novel

My debut literary effort, My Dead Friend Sarah: A Novel, is available on Amazon.com, BN.com, Powells.com and from other online book sellers. Click Here To Learn More. 

Mere months into recovery, Max, an alcoholic with twisted control issues, meets Sarah—the same woman that for years he’s habitually dreamt will die after a botched abduction. “Doing the next right thing,” a popular AA phrase he’s picked up in the rooms, means befriending Sarah long enough to warn her and hope she takes him seriously. But when Sarah fall in love with Max, his newly sober thinking drives him to choose his overly devoted wife, and he abandons Sarah—even when it condemns her to death. When Sarah goes missing, the NYPD suspects Max’s dream may have been a pre-crime confession. The truth—all of it—lurks inside Max, but only by drinking again does he recapture the nerve and clarity vital to free his wife, sponsor, friend and himself from a life imprisoned by lies.

Praise for My Dead Friend Sarah: A Novel 

“Rosch expertly explores the psychology of an alcoholic… The novel tackles sobriety, truth and guilt, engrossing the reader in Max’s whirlwind of problems… While depicting the realization of a recovering alcoholic, Rosch skillfully renders a unique story of a missing woman.” Kirkus Reviews

“I can honestly say I was completely engaged with every sentence written in this story, I could not read it fast enough… Fantastic Stuff, A Very Strong 5 Stars.” – The Kindle Book Review

“…if you have never waited for a liquor store to open then you would still love the novel, perhaps subtract a star, but if you are a Chuck Palahniuk fan, add that star right back.” – Mark Matthews, author of Stray and The Jade Rabbit

“I couldn’t put it down. One day, when I’m ready to adapt a book into a screenplay and direct my first narrative feature, I hope you’ll allow me.” Erik Proulx, Director of Lemonade: Detroit

“…to be inside the mind of a not-so former addict going through a life event that would boggle even the most sober, clear-headed person is what keeps you reading page after page without one thought of pausing for even a glass of water.” – Brianna Jacobson, Little Conqueror

“I highly recommend this story, as you will enjoy the mystery of it, as well as the thought provoking introspection and the introduction to a community you may never have explored.” –Anthea Carson, Indie Book Reviews

“…loved it. Nicely written and interesting twist of inner thoughts, interesting first person character. Liked listening to his twisted thoughts and also… Loved the dialogue, too. Great story… Awesome work!” – Deborah Henry, author of The Whipping Club

“Be forewarned, as moments of self-reflection are inevitable…while maybe you never actually acted upon similarly revolting human impulses, you’ve definitely been tempted and if only for a moment paused for consideration. Read it before it becomes a movie – the book is always far better.” – Jennifer Gavin

“As a substance abuse counselor, I found it very interesting to read the thoughts that go through Max’s head and some of the justifications for his actions/behaviors. MDFS gives great insight into the mind of someone with an addiction.
I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone!” – Christina Zamaniego, Substance Abuse Counselor, MHMR

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