I directed this short film for The 48 Hour Film Project. I’m very proud of my contribution, but it would not be the piece that it is without the take-no-prisoner efforts of about twenty plus talented as all-get-out writers, producers, actors, and friends who picked a genre out of a hat at 7:00pm on a Friday, wrote a script, and went into production with me the following morning at 4:00am. We turned Pickle in at approximately 6:54pm the following Sunday. Special thanks to Katie Facada for asking me to be a part of something really special.

I co-directed this spot with John Hobbs. If memory serves it was our first effort against directing for commercials. It would also be the first, but not last, time I’d collaborate with the actor David H. Holmes. He has become a fixture in many of my low budget creations, but if you are looking for an actor, a real actor with range who takes direction that doesn’t make sense and then makes sense of it, you need look no father than him. He always blows me away, and you can check out his range in other films for AXE, Leatherman, and the short film Pickle.

This viral film for AXE, was the second of three directing collaborations I did with John Hobbs. It was written by my good friend Adam Reeves. One of the finest writers I know. I recall shooting most of it on a frigid January day in Coney Island. Many thanks to Matt Peccini, who braved those sub-arctic temperatures to portray young Eugene in the film–a fella still learning the ‘hook-up’ ropes with a little help from Extra Sexual Perception.



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