Since January 2007, my alter ego Joey Jo Jo has been helping define Douche Rock. It’s been quite a journey. You can read more about us here, or on Facebook.

The Future was born when Juan V. Martinez, Joey Jo Jo, Donny D. and Rich decided to leave the present behind and push rock and roll in a new direction. The resulting sonic boom is still sending reverberations through new york city’s underground and leaving loyal fans excited, breathless and aroused. Though impossible to classify, The Future’s music is best described as country-rock, punk-funk, gangster rap party eclectic rock music. A fist pumping hook filled blend of thick riff rich guitar, ballistic bass that choke you, funky yet simplistic beats that make your chest feel like it’s going to burst, and classic storytelling with a modern day twist. The Future’s energy, excitement, and outrageous stage antics make every performance an event, and prove once and for all that to believe The Future you have to see them. If you want to see a band that plays music, says nothing, acts too cool for school, and stares at their shoes, this isn’t the band for you. If you want to see a band that brings something different to the party every time they play, invites the audience to share in on their dirty little secret, and would drop “Carrie” buckets of blood on themselves to entertain you while defining a whole generation in 10 two to six minute tunes. Pick up The Grape Album on iTunes if you dare.




Between the years of 2002 and 2008, I was the third member, the drummer,  of an insane power trio known in New York and the rest of the NorthEast as WEST. Those were some amazing years, and til this day I’ve not had the pleasure of playing with two more skilled musicians. It was an incredible ride that sadly had to come to an end, but the good news is: you can still check out the tracks on iTunes! Pick up We Feel Better Now from WEST, you won’t regret it. 



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